Welcome to The London Congestion Zone Checker

This site is designed to show how far you are away from the London Congestion Zone and will alert you when you have entered the Congestion Zone during the chargeable hours (Monday-Friday 7am to 6pm, excluding weekends, bank holidays and the period between Christmas and New Year) and hence avoid paying the 60 pound fine for forgetting or not being aware that you have to pay the London Congestion Charge.

Once you have entered the London Congestion Zone an alert will flash up on the screen and you can optionallly be notified by email to be reminded to pay the congestion charge.

Convenient methods of paying the congestion charge are shown such as paying online, by text message or by telephone.

The program will also determine the date when you potentially next have to pay the charge for entering the zone taking into account whether you are a registered resident within the zone where 1 payment pays for the next 5 chargeable days.

It is designed to work on the IPhone, Blackberry Bold, Android and within web browsers that can receive your current geolocation position using Javascript such as Firefox and Internet Explorer with Google Gears installed. If you do not see the current latitude and longitude in the boxes below then please check you have Javascript enabled and have accepted the prompt to display your location. As the accuracy of your location from GPS can vary the program will notify you that you are on the border of the zone until you have gone into the zone by approximately 50 metres. The program is designed as an aid to remind you to pay the congestion charge but no guarantee can be made and it is up to you to pay any charge.

The London Congestion Zone Checker program is free for the first month and then just 2 pounds a month per vehicle thereafter.

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Payment options for 11.50 Congestion Charge to TFL:     
   By Telephone: 0343 222 2222      
   By Text Message: Send text to 81099 with last 4 digits of your registered credit card      

Date Last Entered Zone: Time:
Date Last Paid: dd/mm/yyyy
Paid Until: (No charge on weekends, bank holidays, and between Christmas and New Year.)
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Resident in Zone (Y/N): (A registered resident has a 90% discount and pays 11.50 for a week.)
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Western Extension Closure:31/12/2010 (The date when the Western Extension Zone was closed.)
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Supported devices / OS platforms:
* iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows, Linux. Please ensure you have enabled your location to be tracked in your device's settings.
In order for your location to be determined on your iPhone please ensure you have 'Location Services' turned on by going to the Home screen and then Settings->General->Location Services.
To enable Javascript on your iPhone click on Settings->Safari->Javascript
* In Android, click on Settings -> Location
* BlackBerry Device Software 4.1 and greater, i.e. Blackberry Bold
In order for your location to be determined on your Blackberry phone please make sure that in Javascript location support is enabled (Browser->Options->General Properties).